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We provide Governance (mechanisms & processes) that can strategically impact your organization's level of adoption and performance. We are uniquely positioned because of our explicit project management office (PMO) expertise, a high-level roadmap, proven methodology and deep familiarity with governance procedures.

Organizations that invest in Qlik to deliver their BI & Analytics Platform, 'Enterprise Intelligence" Solution have a need for implementation and guidance of Governance (beyond the technical aspects of server engineering, data modeling and application building.) IPC Global is experienced, engaged and effective across numerous implementations of Qlik and a framework for guiding our customers to effective Governance.

  • Executive support for BI & Analytics, "Enterprise Intelligence" Governance team leader: We provide council and guidance to the leader of the Business Intelligence Governance team.
  • Organizational Development: We conduct a skills assessment and provide specific guidance on training, staffing and organizational design. Includes Center of Excellence, transitional and final staffing models.
  • Process review / support: We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, policy and procedures that support quality and sustainable growth of the BI & Analytics Platform.
  • Data Governance: We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of landed data.
  • Application Governance: We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of Qlik applications.
  • Environment Governance: We provide guidance on good practices for process, standards, and management of Qlik environment.

Qlik Sense enhances customer's enterprise features and delivers on governed data discovery. Qlik Sense gives business users the ability to build their own dashboards while giving IT the ability to govern, manage, scale and embed them. "Qlik's position as a Leader in this Magic Quadrant is driven by strong vision around governed data discovery with the introduction of Qlik Sense and high level of market understanding." – Gartner

Are you governing your BI and Analytics to deliver a
sustainable Enterprise Intelligence? 

See for yourself how IPC Global and Qlik partnered
to address the challenges of an education district
in Texas. We consolidated their data coming from 
multiple sources into a single application. The
customer was able to explore associations in its
data, visualize the data graphically and interact
with the data for more data-driven decision-making.  

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Learn how a Hadoop Cluster was built and solution 
implemented to collect, process and analyze new data
sources; Analyze Vital Signs – a valuable data source
for patient care; and Support Research Alliance with
Georgia Tech to Advance Technological Solutions
in Pediatric Health. 

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IPC Global was able to deploy consistently throughout the  enterprise, despite different data sets and KPIs that each stakeholder was trying to tackle and measure. Our team took an Enterprise Intelligence approach – Qlik was used across and throughout the bank to track trends, gauge  performance, analyze product and service offerings, measure productivity and profitability, and decrease costs.

Our certified Hadoop consultants set up a clustered environment  which allowed for each stakeholder to have its own Qlik development environment with governance and quality assurance. 

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