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Business Intelligence and Analytics can deliver Enterprise Intelligence that truly makes a difference in people's lives. Whether in a healthcare setting, a classroom, or in a boardroom, useful data can help decision makers as well as front-line personnel make fast, accurate decisions that can positively impact the organization and the people it serves. These are just a few success stories from our satisfied customers.

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Healthcare & Enterprise Intelligence

The most important data in a child's life was available for 6 seconds, stored for 72 hours, and then thrown away. With Qlik and Hadoop technologies, were able to store indefinitely bedside monitoring data and analyze across procedures, doctors, medications, and patient outcomes. As a result, the hospital successfully reduced the time a patient is under duress for common procedures. This was imperative since small children cannot communicate how they feel. In effect, the data would show us how they were feeling and providers could take action.

A Journey Out of Darkness

Three years ago, a large school district in Texas embarked on a journey to transform its IT systems to supply quality data and show valuable insights to leadership at all levels. Their object was to develop an organization reliant on data driven decisions and support innovative ways of schooling to meet the needs of its students in the 21st century.

"If I had to give IPC's Enterprise Solution a grade on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 36." VP of Finance, Global Bank

One of the largest banks in the US was in desperate need of governance, systems integration and a solid partner. IPC Global was able to deploy consistently throughout the enterprise, despite different data sets and KPIs that each Line of Business was trying to tackle and measure. Our team took an Enterprise Intelligence approach – meaning customized apps were developed for distinct use cases and audiences. Many of the apps were dealing with large data sets, on average 250 million rows. Adoption and business value have grown beginning with 20 users to now over to 15,000 users.

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