A Practical Guide to Increasing Student Attendance using Analytics

Part I: Changing the Calendar

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School districts nationwide have been hearing the same thing for the last few years: it’s time to take business intelligence and data analytics seriously.


But what does this mean? Enterprise intelligence platforms cost money. District resources are always tight. Getting started can be intimidating. What happens after the software is installed?


Data and analytics seem like an IT thing. But are they? Stakeholders throughout the district have a vested interest. They know their area and data. What if there was a game plan for IT and the departments to come out on top?


At IPC, we work with some of the largest school districts in the country and smaller ones who see that information can affect outcomes. We’ve seen how schools can go from selecting a business intelligence platform to seeing huge gains in attendance using the seven analytics projects included here. 

Creating Customers for Life – What this means for Sales and Marketing

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At IPC Global, we believe firmly in the pursuit of excellence. That is why we ensure our consultants are certified and why we have high standards for our consulting engagements. We extend that standard to our marketing and sales.

When we work with a client, they become a part of our family. We treat them with respect and admiration at every point, because we believe that, when we do our job, new customers will be customers for life. 


Therefore, we believe in account based marketing, which leads to better customer experiences with marketing and sales, and ultimately increased success overall. 

Four Fundamentals of Modern Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence today is a plethora of tools and vendors. IT Analysts have their work cut out for them as new vendors pop up, legacy vendors reinvent themselves, and open source code beg for takers. Business Intelligence has gotten a bad rap and mocked with terms like 'costly intelligence' or 'business baloney.' BI often fails the promise that “everyone is informed by a single source of truth.” It is fair to say that selecting and implementing the right solution can be tricky since capability and maturity vary from business to business. So I propose that when we break down the problem and evaluate modern business intelligence solutions, we use these four fundamentals.


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