The Top 11 Trends for Using Enterprise Intelligence to Drive Sales (Infographic)

How Mature Sales Organizations are Using Analytics

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For years, sales organizations have been at the forefront of using Enterprise Intelligence to drive results. When we work with sales leaders, we're now seeing more advanced needs emerging. Here are the business intelligence trends we are seeing within sales organizations:

Education and Analytics: 5 Takeaways from CoSN 2017

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We recently returned from CoSN’s annual conference. CoSN, or the Consortium for School Networking, is a leading professional organization for school technology leaders.  During our time there, we got to learn from education leaders pushing technology to the forefront of a movement to improve student outcomes. In addition, we enjoyed sharing our work bringing enterprise intelligence to districts across the country.

The conference offered a wide-ranging view of the current technology landscape, as well as a peak into the future of education technology. Here are some of my key takeaways from CoSN 2017:

3 New Qlik Sense Features We Can’t Wait to Get Our Hands On

Looking forward to the Next Qlik Release

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One of the reasons we chose to invest in Qlik as our business intelligence platform is that the analytics company is always innovating and looking to push the envelope on what customers can achieve inside a single platform. Sometimes these innovations are partner driven.  Our firm is proud of the contribution we’ve made to the Qlik ecosystem when it comes to designing applications with Narrative Science and using Qlik as a data warehouse.  But Qlik also pushes new features out with a regular cadence.

When I first worked for Qlik in 2014, I had the privilege of getting to visit the Qlik R&D team in Lund, Sweden.  Meeting the folks behind scenes gave me an appreciation for how hard the team works to make sure they’re delivering important new features and capabilities on a regular basis.

5 Scenarios – How Qlik Training Can Benefit Your Organization

When to Plan Qlik Training for Your Team's Success

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Software training is a crucial step in your team’s successful software deployment.  There are several natural points during your software implementation and deployment when it makes sense to send team members to Qlik training classes. Let’s examine the different benefits of training at each of these times:


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