Four Fundamentals of Modern Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence today is a plethora of tools and vendors. IT Analysts have their work cut out for them as new vendors pop up, legacy vendors reinvent themselves, and open source code beg for takers. Business Intelligence has gotten a bad rap and mocked with terms like 'costly intelligence' or 'business baloney.' BI often fails the promise that “everyone is informed by a single source of truth.” It is fair to say that selecting and implementing the right solution can be tricky since capability and maturity vary from business to business. So I propose that when we break down the problem and evaluate modern business intelligence solutions, we use these four fundamentals.

The Top 11 Trends for Using Enterprise Intelligence to Drive Sales (Infographic)

How Mature Sales Organizations are Using Analytics

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For years, sales organizations have been at the forefront of using Enterprise Intelligence to drive results. When we work with sales leaders, we're now seeing more advanced needs emerging. Here are the business intelligence trends we are seeing within sales organizations:

Education and Analytics: 5 Takeaways from CoSN 2017

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We recently returned from CoSN’s annual conference. CoSN, or the Consortium for School Networking, is a leading professional organization for school technology leaders.  During our time there, we got to learn from education leaders pushing technology to the forefront of a movement to improve student outcomes. In addition, we enjoyed sharing our work bringing enterprise intelligence to districts across the country.

The conference offered a wide-ranging view of the current technology landscape, as well as a peak into the future of education technology. Here are some of my key takeaways from CoSN 2017:


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