The benefits to Finance is realized every day with Qlik in terms of time, cost, and risks. Accurate, complete and timely information is organized and made visible through one solution as a "single source of truth". Finance publishes information to stakeholders keeping them informed and accountable. Their influence on Sale, Operations, HR and IT decisions to manage within their means controls costs. Collaborating through the Qlik platform increases forecast accuracy and reduces the risk of running the business.

Financial Statements, Trial Balance, Subsidiary Ledger Reconciliations, Audit Reports, Managerial Reports, Travel Expenses, Payroll and Benefit Costs, Sales and Operations Planning, Forecasting, Costing Reports, Budgeting and Planning, Compilation, and Consolidations are commonplace for Qlik implementations. Qlik security at the user, record, field and report levels gives finance the control and confidence they expect.

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