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Wouldn't it be great to do data-entry inside QlikView? Enter and save off budgets, variables, adjusting entries. Seeing is believing!
Purchase today, the best-in-class tool for writeback in QlikView, powered by KTLabs.

"What a powerful solution. Even further with Qlik!" "I have been using KTLabs Planning Suite for over 2 years. The key points of functionality for me are the Qlik expressions flexibility ensuing advances, custom development. Also, versioning, workflow & audit trail. I use it for simulation plans for industrial production, forecast quotes for traders, bank cash anaylsis inputs, and more."   Review by Peter Berriot Stein, BI Project Director

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Extend QlikView with KliqObjects! KliqObjects is a line of extension objects for the QlikView platform that includes:
The Planning Suite: KliqPlan, KliqCalc and KliqTable. KliqMap, mapping connector for esri ArcGIS (winner of the Location Analytics Award, Esri Partner Conference 2015).

For pricing and implementation, please call 1.470.297.5028 or email solution.sales@ipc-global.com .

KliqPlan: smart data-entry for QlikView. If you love QlikView and you ever thought "Wouldn't be great to do data-entry inside QlikView and to be able to develop budgeting and planning applications? ... now you can, with KliqPlan. KliqPlan is the first of a new line of Extension Objects by KT Labs; it supports data-entry within QlikView with a rich set of features including: data spread&break-back, blocked totals, cells locking, smart Paste, audit trails and a table editor.

KliqMap leverages QlikView, Esri ArcGIS (the leading GIS platform) and KT Labs’ Planning Suite to create a fully integrated and interactive environment where analytics and simulation can be performed in the context of business processes. The native access to “ArcGIS Online” makes this solution accessible to businesses of any size with an amazing simplicity and speed of deployment. With KliqMap the GIS becomes a key element in empowering decision making through analysis, simulation, prediction and optimization.

KliqMap is the winner of the Location Analytics Award for the 2014 Esri Partner Conference. The award recognizes a company for developing and delivering outstanding quality Esri software-based Location Analytics solutions.

KT Labs, a QlikTech Technology Partner and an Esri partner, is a privately held Irish software vendor and has leveraged all its experience as a pioneer in enterprise mashup to develop a successful line of extension objects for the QlikView platform called KliqObjects that includes: The Planning Suite: KliqPlan, KliqCalc and KliqTable. KliqMap, mapping connector for esri ArcGIS (winner of the Location Analytics Award for 2014 Esri Partner Conference).Through a worldwide network of highly qualified partners, KT Labs delivers a new, simple and disruptive approach to the worlds of Corporate Performance Management and GIS.

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