Hadoop is open-source software that enables reliable, scalable, distributed computing on clusters of inexpensive servers. It is reliable and fault tolerant. It expects and handles hardware and software failures. Hadoop is also scalable-designed for massive scale of processors, memory, and local attached storage. And finally, Hadoop offers massively parallel programming model, MapReduce. Hadoop is designed to process terabytes and even petabytes of unstructured and structured data. It breaks large workloads into smaller data blocks that are distributed across a cluster of commodity hardware for faster processing. IPC Global is certified in Hadoop and currently integrates and implements Hadoop with the best-in-class BI Platform, Qlik, delivering inProcess-your Big Data Factory.

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

How did IPC Global deliver Enterprise Intelligence with Qlik and Hadoop through inProcess-your Big Data Factory to CHOA? Call 1.470.297.5028 or email keily.johnson@ipc-global.com to request a demo.

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inProcess - your Big Data Factory

inProcess is your Big Data Factory producing a “single source of truth” for all your reporting, analytics and workflow needs. For more information about inProcess-you Big Data Factory including pricing and implementation, please call 1.470.297.5028 or email solution.sales@ipc-global.com

Raw Data comes in a large variety and assortment – inProcess has the fastest receiving engine in the market, cutting ETL times down while handling more data. Multiple parallel engines leveraging modern elastic compute and load balance functionality.

  • inProcess receives data from every internal and external data source without the need to build a data warehouse or pre-aggregate into a cube.
  • inProcess produces reusable data components with quality engineered into the manufacturing processes.
  • inProcess packages data models designed for self-service reporting and analytics.
  • inProcess is a key component in achieving Enterprise Intelligence along with user applications, IT environments and leadership governance.

inProcess delivers modeled data, a single source from which users can receive information at the point of discernment, as well as engage in self-service reporting, analytics, and research. It also integrates data from multiple sources into Master Data (applies business rules, de-normalizes views) and finally checks data for Quality, ensuring accuracy, completeness and timely information.

  • Our solution parallel processes raw data fast from virtually any source, data base, file, webpage, cloud – securely moving and storing the data for processing.
  • Our solutions run on commodity hardware windows servers and disk storage.
  • Our solution is complete and not dependent on RDBMS (SQLserver, Oracle, Teradata, Hanna) and 3rd party ETL tools (Informatica, Talend, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB), IBM InfoShpere DataStage, Microsoft SSIS, SAP BW (business warehouse).
  • Our solution is a complete reporting, analysis, mobile and alerting not dependent on crystal reports, SSRS, Excel.

inProcess is powered by the Qlik Analytics Platform. We believe visual analytics should be available wherever decisions are made. The Qlik Analytics Platform is not only easy to use, but it gives your business a strong competitive advantage. QAP offers a single governance framework. Because our approach covers a wide spectrum of analytics use cases, you can extend the value of Qlik to any application with all types of visualizations. Access interactive analytics in your workflow apps. Developers can access the QIX Engine and visualizations library to build visual analytics into their existing workflow apps. Engage your partner and customer communities Using standard and modern web APIs, you can embed visualizations and data into any web portal or application.

For more information about inProcess-you Big Data Factory including pricing and implementation, please contact Keily Johnson at 1.470.297.5028

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