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 Mark Meersman

Mark Meersman

Founder & Managing Partner
Solution Sales Architect
IPC Global - Atlanta, GA 
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Contact Mark at +1 404-936-3774 or mark.meersman@ipc-global.com

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Mark Meersman is an engaging Enterprise Intelligence thought leader. His ingenuity and new approaches to data management and information delivery produce solutions that clients are seeking in today's complex business environment. His career began at PriceWaterhouse, where implementation methodology and client engagement were paramount. Early on, Mark discovered that accountability and straightforward communication with clients produced the most consistent results.

For over 25 years, and as the founder and managing partner of IPC Global, he has helped organizations capitalize on their legacy systems by delivering the single source of truth for business analytics. In particular, Mark’s experience shines when he engages clients in understanding their organizational vision and creating their road map to get there. He is an expert at developing solutions that benefit from modern web-based business technologies, specifically, Qlik and AWS.

Mark was chosen to join the Qlik Luminary Program, which recognizes Qlik-based specialists in the global marketplace. Mark is an enthusiast in the Qlik ecosystem with deep drive, passion and expertise. He champions Qlik’s vision and has contributed innovative ways to use and deploy Qlik solutions to many customers. His leadership, promotion & alignment with best-in-class technology partners such as AWS & Cloudera has also elevated awareness of how Qlik can integrate with these technologies.

Mark is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Computer Science. He lives with his wife and five children in Atlanta, GA.

 Chris Pickett

Chris Pickett
VP, Enterprise Services
Enterprise Solutions Architect
IPC Global - Atlanta, GA
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Level
Qlik Certified Developer, Designer, Support & Trainer
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Contact Chris at +1 404-514-2770 or chris.pickett@ipc-global.com

Chris Pickett brings more than 20 years of technical experience to his role as VP, Enterprise Services and Enterprise Solutions Architect. As a classically trained electrical engineer and frequent member of global, cross-functional teams, Mr. Pickett brings a rigorous approach to Enterprise Environment Services that is solutions-oriented, creative and most importantly, efficient. Chris's expertise in IT Systems Planning, Managed Services, Governance, Data Warehousing and Cloud enable our customers to improve their organization's performance, lower operational costs, and increase profitability.

Chris is a graduate of Rice University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and 3 children.


 Steffan Holmquist

Steffan Holmquist
VP, Products and Services
Enterprise Solutions Architect
IPC Global - Atlanta, GA
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Contact Steffan at +1 404-297-5020 or steffan.holmquist@ipc-global.com

Steffan Holmquist brings over 30 years of experience in operations including managing the development and implementation of Enterprise Intelligence Solutions in healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Steffan's skills in Enterprise Intelligence implementation create a line of sight from the management team, to the business users, to the business specialists and finally, to the IT Specialists. Our customers value Steffan’s expertise in IT operations, enterprise systems integration, and his deep understanding of regulatory compliance in healthcare, banking, manufacturing & communications.


In 2017, Steffan shifted his responsibility from leading our Consulting Services team to start our new line of business: Products and Services.  The Products and Services group is focused solely on bringing proven solutions to our customers as products that they can implement and start to realize immediate value.  Products include our DirectIT – managed service offer, productivity tools, extensions, vertical specific Qlik applications, training engagements and consulting engagements. 


Steffan believes in market driven solutions.  If you have an idea for a product or service, feel free to contact him.


Steffan is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with Bachelor's Degree in Business and Information Technology. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and 3 children.
 A McLaughlin

Alan McLaughlin
VP, Human Resources
IPC Global - Dallas, TX
Qlik Certified Developer, Designer, Support & Trainer
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Contact Alan at +1 503-449-0470 or alan.mclaughlin@ipc-global.com

Coming from a background as an Enterprise Solutions Architect with experience in large implementations, Alan’s brings to IPC’s leadership team a true enterprise-oriented vision for IPC’s delivery.  Alan stresses the union of governance, environment, data, and applications into a cohesive EI deployment as a means of reaching true data-driven breakthroughs.  As head of Consulting Services, Alan leads a brilliant, diverse, and driven team to serve IPC’s clients with the utmost in quality of delivery in all CS engagements. Since joining IPC Global in 2010, Alan has worked as a Developer, Solutions Architect, Account Manager, and VP of Human Resources.

Alan earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Dallas and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame with a focus on consulting and business intelligence. Alan currently resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife, two children, and two rescue dogs. He enjoys Fighting Irish football and unsuccessfully trying to shave the last few strokes off his handicap.

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